Shelley O’Brien is an unexpected treasure. Her ethereal vocals are dream-like, soft, subtle. Think of her as a ukelele fairy, enchanting and mythical. From Paris to Iceland, O’Brien has been charming listeners since she jumped ship from being a cruise liner piano bar entertainer.
Opener Perfect Day shines. Turn to Spring keeps bad dreams at bay. Lullaby-like Valse A La Pluie is a perfect cure for longing. Swiftly, We Go transports. The Lives Of A Few Found Objects waltzes through the clouds. The sweetness continues with From The Caribou, a song of syrupy sentiment. Her heart goes out to gigantic rock formations in Mountain Hymn. Most dramatic, Let These Lights In soars with its high energy, drama and flourishes. Elm (These Burning Days) softly brings the record to a slow-dance close. Take a bow, O’Brien. It’s well-earned.
– By Shannon Webb-Campbell, PENGUIN EGGS

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“Her voice is touching, flying, beautiful and clear” – Radio Suomi, Finland

“She delights us with her superb ballads” – Forte Fanfulla, Rome

“Beautiful… a playful mix of dulcet ukulele and atmospheric vocals.” ~ CBC Radio 2

“From the Wellspring of her hope and awe, Shelley O’Brien has not only curated this country’s beauty, but also her own.” ~ EXCLAIM! Magazine

“Shelley was doing the ukulele thing before it was cool.
Or maybe she’s one of the reasons it got cool in the first place.”
~Globe and Mail (Canada)

“…sparkles with minimal yet perfectly paired instrumentation. “  ~Penguin Eggs (Canada)
“an enchanting album of quirky pop music.”~Globe and Mail (Canada)