Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

Hello friends!
It’s been a while! In the midst of the polar vortex, there is nothing better than digging into one’s own heart and mind in a cozy snow-globe world, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. I’m in full writing mode, working on a grant from the generous Toronto Arts Council to take a close look at our relationship with nature in toronto. I’m writing about falcons, coyotes, and the deeply beautiful urban ravines and watersheds in this city, that breath, live and sit, full of wonder, underneath the rational grid, just at the edges of our consciousness.

I’ve also been accepted into York University to complete a Master in Environmental Studies this year. My plan is to complete a multi-disciplinary treatise on lost landscapes. Perhaps it will end up as a book, full of photographs, graphic design and prose? One thing is for sure, the thesis itself will have a musical soundtrack, and the work will be diving deeply into the contemplative.

All is growing here, despite the layer of ice and snow. For regular updates, click and like!

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“look with eyes of winter, see
everything once sweet gets buried underneath
i’m unborn and ready for the thaw
in the snow in shangri-la”

Summer Tour: Bavaria, Austria, Finland!

I have some great shows coming up this summer! AUGUST 15: Hans Kotter’s Cellar: Mühldorf, Germany AUGUST 16: Denkmal: Salzburg, Austria AUGUST 17: Cabaret Des Grauens: Burghausen, Germany AUGUST 21: City of Helsinki: TBA, Finland AUGUST 23: Finnish Ukulele Network Picnic: Helsinki, Finland AUGUST 23: TBA: Helskinki, Finland Have a listen to ‘Truth Is’, the […]

TURN the DARK is here…

The robins are singing and the baby leaves are bright and happily adorning the big trees in my Toronto neighbourhood. It’s early, and I’m about to head into High Park for my daily dose of nature. So happy and excited for tonight! There are some important and instrumental people that I wanted to thank here. […]

Here’s Your Chance to Dive In!

It’s That Time! Yes, it is. The time when all the recording is complete for my third albumand I ask myself: “How am I going to get this ready for everyone’s ears?” It’s been amazing to be at the helm of this adventure! I’ve been conceiving, writing, performing and recording these newly-inspired tunes for over […]

Trusting the Waves

Someone talking on CBC today reminded me of how I would approach the ocean in my childhood. I spent countless Christmas Holidays in Hawaii growing up; it was a huge deal for our family to get away from the dark north coast of BC, and my Dad worked overtime hours all summer long, fighting forest […]