TURN THE DARK: Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for the new album….

Here’s Your Chance to Dive In!

It’s That Time! Yes, it is. The time when all the recording is complete for my third albumand I ask myself: “How am I going to get this ready for everyone’s ears?” It’s been amazing to be at the helm of this adventure! I’ve been conceiving, writing, performing and recording these newly-inspired tunes for over […]

Trusting the Waves

Someone talking on CBC today reminded me of how I would approach the ocean in my childhood. I spent countless Christmas Holidays in Hawaii growing up; it was a huge deal for our family to get away from the dark north coast of BC, and my Dad worked overtime hours all summer long, fighting forest […]

Japan. In the Can. Finland: Oct 2013 News!

In this Issue: A winter-spring of new recordings, a November like no other, and various items of good news and glad tidings for you. Scroll on down for details, including: ALBUM 3 IN THE CAN November Tour in Japan A Brand New Finnish Ukulele (MORE)

Make. Believe. April 2013 News!

  Welcome to Make. Believe., the new regular newsletter from Shelley Headquarters in bustling Toronto, Canada. make: (māk) to cause to exist, to create. (she likes to make music) believe: (biˈlēv) feel sure of the truth of. (do you believe in yourself?) In these newsletters you will find updates on my life as a songwriter, including song bites, videos, lyrics, inspired collaborations, and my List of […]